Our chartering department specializes in bulk as well as in break bulk cargos. Among others we are serving bulk cargos shippers of grain, chemicals and fertilizers and in break bulk steel, timber, and other generals.

Our good and strong connections with our customer is based on long lasting relationship in which we act in most cases as exclusive or semi exclusive brokers. In this respect we are escorting our customers, consulting in matters of chartering and operation during the entire voyage or time charter.

Our various types of cliental results in an involvement in all tonnage sizes starting from coasters up to Panamaxes.

Our main activities are to and from ports in the Black sea, Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Atlantic, U.S.A, West Africa, Persian Gulf, India, South East Asia and the Far East.

Our team will always offer fair and honest service and updated reliable information at all times.

Please stay in contact with our chartering department:

Chartering Dept.  Email:

Mr. Rafi Eldar
Phone: +972-73-2270-507
Mobile: +972-54-7248970

Mr. Ofer Hamm
Phone: +972-73-2270-503
Mobile: +972-544-248590

Mr. Ofer Tahor
Mobile: +972-52-3933790

Mr. Dekel Horesh
Phone: +972-73-2270-508
Mobile: +972-54-2052825

Mr. Guy Mazor
Phone: +972-73-2270-526
Mobile: +972-50-6500897

Capt. Rami Raveh
Phone: +972-73-2270-502
Mobile: +972-54-4248580